Project Management

Coaching, training and consulting for line and project managers who are relatively new to Project Management

A structured and systematic approach to planning and managing a project can make an enormous difference to the effectiveness of the project and to those involved with it.

Project management techniques can be applied to individuals’ everyday activities, to broader team goals, or to a more strategic programme of work.

With careful planning and on-going management, individuals, teams, and organisations as a whole can ensure that they achieve their operational and strategic goals to the desired time, cost and quality in as painless a way as possible. 

Our coaching, consulting and workshop-style courses in Project Management draw on established project management techniques to enable you and your team to develop a roadmap and the necessary components for achieving your current project(s).

The workshop-style courses can be tailored to the approaches, processes and requirements of your organisation, and can be delivered over one or more days, in modular form, over the internet or face-to-face where appropriate.

We also have a Group Coaching follow-up covering additional skills for delegates who have attended RiverRhee’s Introduction to Project Management course.  The content, which is customisable, covers such topics as resilience and how to build strong relationships with team members and customers.

We will also equip you with the essential skills and tools to tackle future operational and strategic projects.

See a description of our one-day Introduction to Project Management course, which we can tailor to your needs.


“Lots to think about.  Thank you.”  “Good course!”

“All aspects of the course were excellent and the overview particularly helpful. I will take the structure and organization of the formal documentation into my future projects as an aid to ensure I consider all aspects of project management rather than my previous plan centric approach.”

“An interesting and interactive course, definitely recommend for those on or leading project teams”