Your Team

A high performance team is united in its purpose and in how it communicates with its stakeholders. The quality of its creativity and innovation, decision-making, and ability to get things done rests on the diversity of the team, its inclusivity, and its working practices. 

Our work together will typically include team health checks or diagnostics, the use of personality tools such as MBTI and Belbin Team Roles, team and individual coaching. 

I tailor our approach to your team’s stage of maturity and to your requirements.  Please get in touch to discuss further.

I also run group-coaching style training, and workshops on Project Management and on Simplifying and Streamlining your approach


“Elisabeth worked with our team in two 2-hour sessions.  Her coaching was fantastic! It helped us to really dig deep into the core issues and opened all of our eyes. We are now more open to each others’ thoughts and opinions and generally have better communication. We are doing less fire fighting, allowing us to have a better overview of the business and be more pro-active and productive. We all feel more knowledgeable, confident and committed in our roles as Directors as a result. We have a lot of training to put into practice but are excited to get started.”

Directors, Reed Autos

“It was great to track our journey as we developed as a team, and the coaching provided the perfect intervention points to stop and take stock of what we had achieved and what was next. I also think the coaching really helped us to develop that vulnerability with each other: it helped us accelerate through the forming-storming-norming process to reach performing. I feel I have “learnt what good looks like” when it comes to psychological safety in a team. I have increased my self-awareness of my strengths and areas for improvement, and also increased my understanding of how my personality impacts on how others feel. Overall, I found the use of the reflection tools very useful and I might try and implement some of this in my own work.”

Director – Construction, London

“The learnings have been both on a personal level in terms of understanding how I interact with others, and also on a group level where I was able to learn how to get beneath the surface and understand where others’ motivations, drives, fears, expectations and biases can be brought out into a safe space to discuss in a non-confrontational way. I am much more in tune with how other group members contribute to group development and ultimately the success of group outputs. I am also much more willing to listen to others, understand where they are coming from and be in a position to develop synergies with the other group members. I would be very likely to use your team coaching again.” 

Mark Frigerio, Abzena 

“I think the coaching has made me think more about how teams collaborate and “gel”. I’ve always been comfortable in a team setting, but these sessions have helped me appreciate that I will look to understand/learn about what is going on with people in a team environment. I think the video feedback session was very good. Keep doing that. Zoom is a hard platform, and you guys do a great job in getting engagement. I plan to be less hard on myself as a result of the coaching, and may arrange individual coaching for myself in the future.” 

Alberto Pereira, EMEA Channel Business Manager, BlueCrest Inc 

“We met all of my objectives for the team coaching.The real high spots for me were reflecting on the team meeting recording & wrap up session questions to stretch our authenticity / vulnerability and give each other positive and constructive feedback. I have learnt about team dynamics and the importance of clarifying expectations of the team members in the beginning and agreeing on the goals. I now plan to do some self-reflection, and try to implement the suggestions given by my team members in the wrap-up session.”

Mandeep Saini, GÉANT

“Elisabeth Goodman from RiverRhee provided an excellent team-building session for Talisman Therapeutics in July 2019. She engaged well with the Talisman team and created a positive learning environment. She constructed a busy half-day of work with a good balance of individual work, break-out activities and whole-group discussions. The output from the session was tangible, focused and useful.” 

Dr Emily Scraggs, Director, Talisman Therapeutics Ltd

“It was a very useful workshop enabling the team to learn and grow with each other, taking the time to reflect on current processes and together identifying how to improve the same – the team felt inspired and we liked the positive buzz in the air.” 

Michaela Eschbach, Director and Co-Founder at Form the Future C.I.C.

“I understood the limitations of a shortened training but we covered a lot of concepts and the exposure to a different way of thinking was exactly what I was looking for.  We liked the group exercises best. Being able to apply some of the concepts to our actual process was very helpful.  We’ve already used [what we have learned]! We’ve made spaghetti diagrams of a few processes to help us see the wasted movement and to help us reorganize products and items used for processing to reduce the effort required to complete the work. Going forward, we’d like to expand on some of the ideas and concepts learned by instituting Six Sigma Champions in the department. We’re hopeful that it will ingrain what we learned from RiverRhee Consulting and will continue to improve our process.”

Josh Whitlow, US Logistics Manager, Abcam Inc.

“I found [RiverRhee Consulting] very supportive and flexible, especially during the time where the management team was defining what their vision was for rolling out lean six sigma and we had to make changes to our objectives. The training provided was of very high quality and will enable a good start into rolling out lean six sigma into the organisation by empowering key members of staff who will champion this culture and rollout improvement projects.”

Sarah Mardle, Senior Manager PDM Operations, Abcam plc

“Elisabeth facilitated the adoption of lean sigma within the N&GI CEDD as part of R&D enhance – she did an excellent job as applying this technology to a primarily research environment required some adaptation and skill..”

Head Neurology and GI CEDD