Group Coaching

It might be helpful to think of group coaching in terms of an orchestra: playing music that includes solo, duet or multi-part improvisations!

As a facilitator, I act a bit like the conductor of the orchestra: introducing a theme for the musicians to explore.
The musicians then improvise on that theme, giving the benefit of all of their previous knowledge and skill.

Where the magic happens is that this causes “the musicians” to discover what they already know, try out something different and build on that knowledge and skill.  Other musicians join in.

The facilitator (conductor) then brings in some new element, and is also improvising and learning in the process.  Sometimes there are two facilitators, and they play off each other’s knowledge and skills too. It’s creative, it’s fun, and the energy is palpable. 

Feedback from those who take part indicates that they benefit most from the insights they gain about themselves and those that they work with and being able to address their specific challenges.

Our highly interactive approach builds on participants’ existing knowledge, supports learning from peers, and enables individual reflection.

Here is a selection of the topics that we cover:

Do take a look at the information about our one-to-one coaching too.


“I participated in a number of group coaching sessions facilitated by Elisabeth, organised for a small group of colleagues from the office. It was a great way to get introduced to new content and at the same time explore real world scenarios in a safe space. As a non-native English speaker I decided to repeat my Myers-Briggs assessment in my mother tongue and arranged a follow-up session with Elisabeth. As with the group sessions, she gave me some great insights, allowing me to reflect on my own results.  She helped me with my personal development journey including: deeper understanding of myself, strategies for responding to my environment, and ways to keep growing in the future.” 

Katharina F H, Cambridge