Our Environment

Supporting your thinking and wellbeing in relation to climate change

Coaching conversations will help you to access your resourcefulness, your choices and power, your hope and resolve.

What we are experiencing in our environment, with climate change and diminishing biodiversity can feel overwhelming at times. 

Many of us are already making changes in the way we buy our food and household products, manage our gardens and waste, use water and fuel and more.

These changes might feel small but, together, they can create a tipping point. We can magnify these changes too, in conversations and activities at home, with our work colleagues, and in our wider communities.

Exploring what else we could do, and how we can look after our wellbeing whilst doing so, are topics that one-to-one and group coaching can support you with. 

Coaching conversations will help you to access your resourcefulness, your choices and power, your hope and resolve.

We may not be able to reverse all of the impact that humanity has had on our environment and on our planet, but change is possible, and nature is beautifully designed to change and evolve too.

Do get in touch with me if you would like to arrange some one-to-one or group coaching in this context


“The sessions with Elisabeth have really helped me to reflect on my current and future activity regarding the climate crisis. Elisabeth listens very well, picking up on unspoken cues too, and asks  pertinent questions which assist in developing my thinking and planning. 

I have been impressed by the range of skills and tools Elisabeth has to offer. Some of her creative approaches have enabled me to gain a surprising, fresh perspective on the question in hand.  

I have no hesitation in recommending Elisabeth’s climate coaching to others.”

Eileen, Cambs.

“My coaching session in nature with Elisabeth was both enjoyable & illuminating, providing me with insights that I am eager to try out whenever opportunities present themselves.

Even on my way home from the session, I felt more confident about the issue we had focused on & consequently spent most of my bus journey discussing the climate crisis with the stranger sitting next to me.

Elisabeth’s coaching definitely had a freeing effect!”

Sandra, Cambridgeshire

“Thank you for sharing your story and stimulating some insightful, reflective sessions this evening Elisabeth. I found the Flynn model [being vs doing] a really useful way of framing the Co-coaching and as was shared in the group discussion, in a short time it enabled the person being coached to move from a sense of feeling ‘crushed’ to identifying positive action and a sense of ‘hopefulness’.”

Vanda Morgan, Association for Coaching, Cambridge Co-coaching Group Lead