About Us

I founded RiverRhee in 2009 after spending 25+ years in the Pharmaceutical Industry as a line manager and internal trainer, facilitator and business change programme manager.  I am the only employee of the company, and bring in others to help me through a Trusted Partner model.

My vision is to give managers and team members the capabilities and confidence to enable them to feel happy and productive in their work.  I, my Trusted Partners, and my clients tend to focus on management, interpersonal and communication skills, on self-organisation and on dealing with change.

We are advocates for, and actively work in the Neurodiversity space, delivering awareness seminars and coaching neurodivergent individuals and their managers.

Last, but certainly not least, we are exploring ways in which we can make a positive difference for our environment: in how we conduct our business, through individual action, and by providing one-to-one coaching in this area too.

Elisabeth Goodman