My Work with RiverRhee

I founded RiverRhee in 2009 after spending 25+ years in the Pharmaceutical Industry as a line manager and internal trainer, facilitator and business change programme manager. 

I am a qualified coach, with a Post Graduate certificate from Barefoot Coaching and the University of Chester. I am also accredited with the International Coaching Federation to PCC level (Professional Certified Coach).

Becoming a coach involves an enormous amount of self-development, and this is an on-going processs. My book “Coaching in the Helix. How self-development impacts the quality of our coaching.” is a reflection of the nature of the journey I have been on, and continue to be on, with insights to support others working in this space.

My vision is to connect people with what is important, possible and sustainable in what they and I care about.

I and my clients tend to focus on interpersonal and communication skills, executive functions such as self-organisation and dealing with change.

I actively work in the Neurodiversity space, delivering awareness seminars and coaching neurodivergent individuals and their managers.

I am also personally and locally active in making a positive difference for our environment, and I provide one-to-one coaching and workshop-style seminars in this area too.

Elisabeth Goodman