Four levels of awareness

When I started RiverRhee I knew that I wanted to make a difference to individuals, managers and teams in the workplace.  I thought then it was about sharing the principles, methodologies and tools that would enable them to do their best thinking.

I soon realised that it’s all about people too: if we can understand ourselves and others better, we can learn to communicate and interact with each other better, be more productive and deal with change more effectively.

Both of the above are still part of the mix, but my focus now is on the inner brilliance that is within each of us: how we can choose and learn to express that more vividly and consistently in our work and in our everyday life; how it relates to Neurodiversity.

Experiencing the pandemic in these last few years has brought me closer to nature too, so that I am now looking for ways to actively care for our environment, as well as bring it into my coaching. This is a fourth level of awareness.

I look forward to exploring these four levels with you.

Elisabeth Goodman

We are each unique.  Our genetics (or Neurodiversity), the experiences and people in our lives, what we’ve learnt and what we choose to do, all make us so.  Our strengths accentuate our inner brilliance. What we tell ourselves, and the situations that we find ourselves in might limit it.

My work as a coach, facilitator and trainer is about helping you to re-discover your inner brilliance, enhance your strengths and address those limiting factors.  I do this through one-to-one coaching, through management development and through group-coaching on topics such as assertiveness, communication and influencing and presentation skills.

Exceptional managers balance the need to get the job done, with an understanding of the individuals that report to them, and the appropriate level of direction and support to achieve a high performance team.  Doing this well is not something that we can do automatically, but we can learn to do so.

My one-to-one coaching, and our various group-coaching management development programmes will help you to tune into and develop: your self-awareness, your understanding of how to work with and get the best out of others, and your ability to navigate and influence your organisational ecosystem.

A high performance team is united in its purpose and in how it communicates with its stakeholders. The quality of its creativity and innovation, decision-making, and ability to get things done rests on the diversity of the team, its inclusivity, and its working practices.

Our work together will typically include team health checks or diagnostics, the use of personality tools such as MBTI and Belbin Team Roles, team and individual coaching.

I tailor our approach to your team’s stage of maturity and to your requirements.