How we might work together

When I work with individuals in one-to-one coaching, or in group coaching, I’m helping them to build their resourcefulness.

Some of that might be to do with leaning into their strengths and addressing their challenges.

The difference between our strengths and our challenges can be particularly pronounced in spiky neurodivergent profiles.

When we feel resourceful, we are better able to identify and make decisions to act in relation to:

  • What’s important to us
  • What feels possible
  • What we can sustain whilst looking after our wellbeing

And then we can play whatever part in life we have chosen to play.

Whether that be:

  • At an individual level
  • In a community
  • At a national level
  • Or globally

Some of that might be to do with taking positive action for the climate and for nature.

Through my coaching I hope to connect people with what is possible and sustainable in what they and I care about. This can relate to any aspect of work and everyday life; understanding our Neurodiversity is part of that. It can also be more specifically about how we can create positive change in support of our planet, the climate and biodiversity.

I look forward to exploring one or more of these aspects with you.

Elisabeth Goodman

We are each unique.  Our genetics, the experiences and people in our lives, what we’ve learnt and what we choose to do, all make us so. 

Our strengths accentuate our inner brilliance. What we tell ourselves, and the situations that we find ourselves in might limit it.

My work as a coach is about helping you to re-discover your inner brilliance, enhance your strengths and address those limiting factors. 

I do this through one-to-one coaching, and through group-coaching on topics such as assertiveness, communication and influencing and presentation skills.

We all have a combination of strengths in some cognitive capabilities, and challenges in others.  

People who are neurodivergent tend to have what are known as “spiky” profiles: a more marked difference between the strengths and the challenges.

My one-to-one coaching and seminars on Neurodiversity will help you to be more aware of your own and others’ strengths and how to make better use of those strengths.  

I can help you to identify and develop strategies and resources around such areas as communication, working styles and work place design to be more inclusive and adaptive in addressing your own and others’ challenges.

What we are experiencing in our environment, with climate change and diminishing biodiversity can feel overwhelming at times. It can provoke feelings such as anger, guilt and grief.

Exploring these emotions, what else we could do, and how we can look after our wellbeing whilst doing so, are topics that one-to-one and group-coaching can support you with. 

Coaching provides a safe and open space that can help you to acknowledge, normalise and process your emotions, and access your resourcefulness, your choices and power, your hope and resolve.

We may not be able to reverse all of the impact that humanity has had on our environment and on our planet, but change is possible, and nature is beautifully designed to change and evolve too.