Art for Wellbeing

Our “Art for Wellbeing” workshops are sponsored by RiverRhee, led by artist Robin Spain and supported by certified coach Elisabeth Goodman.

We want to foster an inclusive, creative and supportive environment for adults of all ages from 16+, from all backgrounds and identities and all levels of experience.

We believe that every form of creative expression has worth as it comes from a person’s unique perspective, and we can bring this creative confidence back into our everyday lives.

We aim for up to 6 participants per session. We will hold the workshops locally in South Cambs and run them on a fortnightly basis depending on levels of interest.

Sessions will be 2 hours long and fees will be £25 per time (£5 concessions).

Sample activities include:

  • Art games and warm ups
  • Group art projects
  • Experimental drawing and painting
  • Drawing emotions
  • Drawing how music feels
  • Drawing how objects and animals feel
  • Creating work inspired by our favourite books and films

We will work in a wide variety of media according to delegates’ interests, including collage, paper crafts, watercolour, acrylic paint, gouache paint, inks, colour pencil, printmaking, recycling crafts. There will be a pool of materials, and participants are also welcome to bring their own. 

Please get in touch with or on 07876 130 817 for more information and to book your place.