Training courses, workshops, one-to-one coaching

Our courses, workshops and coaching for managers and teams are available 'off-site', through a range of providers, and 'on-site' at your location.  Our 'off-site' training provides opportunities to network with peers from other organisations.  Our 'on-site' training is customised to suit your requirements and preferences.

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Contact us for more information or to book a place or date for your learning and development.

More information on course providers that we work with and the topics for our courses, workshops and one-to-one coaching

Building your team / Developing managers


Knowledge management

Focusing on customers /  Managing change

Operational excellence / process improvement


Project Management


Courses for individual team members and managers

Upcoming Courses

  • Introduction to Management

  • Introduction to Management (in-house course - Day 3)

  • Assertiveness


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