One to One Personal Coaching

Coaching provides you with valuable time to reflect upon and unlock your potential.  It can support your personal development in a number of ways such as: developing self-awareness, building your strengths and capabilities, addressing challenges associated with interpersonal relationships, stressful situations, self-organisation and change.

Coaching can also help you with your relationship to the environment, to climate change and to diminishing biodiversity. All of this can feel overwhelming, and we can feel powerless at times. This is exactly the kind of context that my training and experience as a coach has prepared me for: to help you access your resourcefulness, your choices, and your power.

My credentials and approach as a coach

I have been coaching since 2013. I am accredited with the ICF (International Coaching Federation) and have also completed a Post Graduate Certificate in Business and Personal Coaching with the University of Chester and Barefoot Coaching.

I have a calm and reflective approach and a range of coaching tools, which I will flex to match your learning style and the topics you want to explore.

We can work across four levels of awareness:  what’s important to you, how you interact with others, how you go about your work, and how you relate to your environment.

I am also fluent and have done some coaching in French.

Elisabeth Goodman Spain

Please get in touch for an introductory conversation, after which we can agree your goals, and the format, duration, frequency and fees for one-to-one coaching.

See my T&Cs here.


“The coaching sessions have been an eye opening experience for me. It has taken me a while to get used to having the focus of others directly on me. Your warmth, smile and eye contact really did make me feel at ease as well as your voice. The coaching provided three main highlights for me 1) a sense of support for who I am and who I want to be 2) a structured invitation for me to ask myself deep questions and articulate my response in a safe and trusted environment 3) the provision of relevant and stimulating reference material. You have been a wonderful coach and really helped me through the Nye Bevan programme – many thanks!  My perspective on how to lead has changed. I have more confidence to take action in the face of uncertainty when I consider that inaction will be unhelpful. The action I take will be driven by my values and I do not have to have the ‘perfect’ answer. This gives me greater courage to speak-up, increased determination to see things through and supports me to address the causes of problems as well as the symptoms. I will also practice more self-care and self-compassion so that I can sustain my efforts to improve healthcare for all through an inclusive approach.” 

Phillip Smith, PhD, Associate Director of Research, East and North Hertfordshire NHS Trust

“I’ve learnt useful tips to use when anxious about Zoom calls, and what’s the best way to communicate with my manager. I’ve also realised that the anxiety I experienced was associated with the job role I had, which was not what I was passionate about. In my next job, I’ll ask up front what the best way of communication is for whoever I work with.  I’ve learnt to be more resourceful, and accept that it’s ok to have my own ways of communication if they work better for me. Also not be too anxious about talking to colleagues and I will start being open and honest how I feel our communication should work.”

Game Developer, Chadlington

“The whole coaching experience was fantastic for my personal development, especially during a time of change. I enjoyed how we would start work on one objective and find that it interwove with another. I have learnt some clear tools that I can implement in my working life. I have built my confidence, learnt some techniques on influencing and have learnt to be more introspective when approaching tasks. My suggestion to you would be to continue to allow sessions to flow depending on how the person is feeling, continue to check-in, and make it clearer at the start the options around the structure – especially with neurodivergent people as they may not know what they need but might benefit from your check-in emails.”

Lili V.

“The coaching enabled me to consider the pros and cons of being a manager, and to learn the difference between being a member of a team and leading it.  This has helped to change my attitude towards my colleagues and I now plan to take more responsibility.  I found the support you provided after the sessions, for instance in the form of notes and reading material, very helpful.” 

Senior Scientist, Norwich

“You handled the coaching very well, and we met all of my objectives and more. The highlights for me were the refresh of existing skills and the focus time on the issues, without the distractions or burdens of workload. This has enabled me to realign expectations and understand what good looks like to me so I know what I should expect from others. I now ensure that I have regular break out time in my day so I don’t just keep myself immersed in the general stress and workload.” 

Matthew Lord, Orsted

“Your coaching made a positive difference to my attitude and feelings at work and in challenging others. I appreciated your way of leaving space for the client to talk into: to reflect on my own thoughts. I found the visualisation (anchoring) technique really helpful for managing my state of mind. I now know that doing something to meet my values each day will make me happier. I also learnt that it is ok to not always have the answer, and I will be using paraphrasing / reflection as part of my approach to active listening.”

Holly, A.

“The real high spot from the coaching was having the freedom to open up about challenges / issues faced without fear of being judged. The coaching highlighted some common themes around my role, having time to reflect and the need to delegate responsibilities, as well as providing useful reminders of things learnt from previous management training courses. I wouldn’t fundamentally change anything about your approach. The sessions via Zoom worked well, as did your coaching style. The interaction was casual and relaxed and avoided formalities, allowing a more relaxed, open dialogue.  We met all of my objectives and I would be very likely to use your coaching again.” 

Rob Holgate, Abzena

“The way you work suits me perfectly. You had an excellent understanding of my needs and the right style for providing guidance, tools and techniques. I particularly valued how I felt in the driving seat, getting to explore what I needed from each session. I now understand better myself in the work context, I have learned techniques to manage my reactions and decisions better. I have practised stopping, reflecting and improving on work relationships. Going forward, my aim is to understand better the preferred styles of team mates and colleagues, to anticipate better team dynamics and be in control of my communication.” 

Independent Consultant, UK

“Elisabeth really seeks to understand people’s passions and character. Her approach suited me fine, asking me and responding accordingly, drawing out issues. I’ve really learnt that I’ve got skills that can help others or be helpful in any place of work. I have gained more confidence to try things, and recognised that speaking is a way forward, on autism, Elisabeth really understands the value of this. Speaking is going to continue, spread the message. I’ll be more positive on my skills, that people will believe in me more.”

Jo, F.

“You know you’re in safe hands when working with Elisabeth. Her relaxed and calming manner set me at ease from the outset and she took time to get to know me and my learning/coaching style preferences to ensure I got the most out of my sessions. Elisabeth’s knowledge on coaching tools, techniques and theories is abundant and no matter what topic I brought to the table, I knew that, when invited to, she would present a school of thought or coaching model that would facilitate my session and take my thinking to another level. I truly felt that not only was Elisabeth listening to hear, but she listened to understand me (and there’s a big difference!) and would often present my own words back to me from several sessions ago when it had relevance or there was a connection. It was always my space to think, talk and work on what was most important to me at that time and therefore each session had a clear direction and aim that I wanted to achieve. Thanks to Elisabeth, I came out of each with a sense of peace, enthusiasm and clarity in equal measure with tactics and new ways of thinking that I continue to carry through to my future.” 

Kerry Fox – Kerry Fox Lifestyle Management & Coaching

“Elisabeth was completely invested in helping me achieve and work to my objectives and passed on some valuable skills. The coaching brought me a sudden lightbulb moment which completely changed my outlook to how I may approach some situations. I have learnt to reflect, take ownership and build my confidence as a whole. I will now listen more, talk less, not be so hard on myself and educate others. I feel equipped with tools that I can use to continue developing what I have learnt. Reflecting on my achievements will motivate me.” 

Hannah D.

“You met all of my objectives and more. The real high spot from the coaching was the way that we made it applicable to current business situations and real life events. We used lots of discussion and visual learning which helped me to retain the information and openly discuss.  What has permanently changed for me is the way I understand my personality / style and how I interact with others. I found your coaching style suited me well and I really appreciate the way you made it visual for me. Oh and you did a lot of listening!!” 

Sam Walker, Director, Reed Autos

“I’ve learnt to get to the heart of what is driving me. I now know that there may be another path for me. I am planning to investigate this thoroughly before embarking on a course of intensive action. Elisabeth very skilfully facilitated this discovery for me and I have learnt to listen to my gut instinct. I also enjoyed meeting myself in 5 years time and getting 5 important people in my life to give me feedback. You’re a fantastic coach Elisabeth. I would not change anything in your approach. You’re an excellent listener, really adept at picking out the key themes of what a coachee is saying and very creative with the exercises you suggest. You get to the truth of something in a very calm, welcoming and non-judgemental way. I would be very likely to use you again.” 

Paul Wogan, Community Volunteering Project Coordinator at St Wilfrid’s Hospice

“Sharing and reflecting on leadership practices in relation to my people management style is an exercise I was not used to and that I enjoyed in the end. It was great to dedicate time to these topics as good management practises are essential for the efficiency of a group. I now feel more motivated to change my practices, widen my network and manage upwards and sideways.” 

Group Leader, Cambridge

“Elisabeth listened carefully to my thoughts, sometimes repeating back to me to ensure her understanding (and mine). She made no suggestions, but like magic she inspired me to find steps forward from the depths of my mind – I felt significantly more relaxed about the things making me anxious at the end of the session – I think initially, simply by being respectfully listened to – but the steps forward that I’m sure will help more are a surprise and very positive.” 

Chris W., Royston

Elisabeth met all of my objectives and more.  I appreciated our very open discussions.  Elisabeth helped me to clarify my ideas, formulate and structure my thoughts and put some plans in place.  As a result of the coaching, I am now going to take time to pause and reflect on issues or situations.  It is likely that I will use Elisabeth’s coaching again at some time in the future.” 

Senior Director, Cambridge.

“Thank you for helping me to reframe my view on personal and business coaching, for being such a great listener and for giving me the opportunity to process ideas around building my coaching business. I have learnt to challenge some of my own assumptions, continue to believe in myself during this more fallow period of coaching and have generally broadened my thinking around my coaching practice. Keep listening, keep being creative, keep reflecting!” 

Liz, M.

“Your coaching helped me to find within me some good solutions to the challenges that I brought to the sessions, and reminded me to give myself more opportunities for reflection and analysis.  I now feel more positive and confident with the situations we discussed, and will continue to be confident in my ability as a leader and manager.” 

Sarah, M.

“Your coaching has made a huge difference to my effectiveness and calmness. I have new priorities, new ways of thinking constructively about how I feel about things, and resources for worrying less. I have also found a way to use my skills outside the work environment, as I move to full retirement.

Sarah H.