Meet The Team

Elisabeth Goodman is the founder of RiverRhee Consulting, and a qualified coach (International Coaching Federation, PCC), with lived and familial experience of autism and ADHD.

Her core aim is to help neurodivergent individuals exercise choice and realise their potential in all areas of their lives.  Elisabeth helps clients recognise and appreciate their unique strengths, enhance their organisational, interpersonal and communication skills, and cope with change.

She enjoys working with people of all genders and sexualities, and also coaches individuals who experience anxiety, grief or overwhelm in relation to climate change and the environment.

Elisabeth has a background in Pharmaceutical R&D, Information and Library Management (MSc), and leading global business change programmes.

John Hicks is a Trusted Partner of RiverRhee Consulting.  He spent the first ten years of his career in science within academic, contract research and environmental laboratories specialising in Chemistry.

John worked with two of the leading scientific instrumentation companies providing technical sales support to large Pharmaceuticals and Biotech companies across the UK before moving into a senior leadership position within a Cambridge based technology company.  

John now runs his own training and coaching company delivering performance coaching to scientists that are new to or working towards a career in management.

Liz Mercer is a Trusted Partner of RiverRhee Consulting.  She is an accomplished facilitator and executive coach and runs her own business offering consulting services including, the design and delivery of leadership and management development programmes, coaching, workshop facilitation, team development and meetings facilitation.

Coming from the Pharmaceutical and Biotech industry, Liz has focused her recent efforts on supporting leaders and managers realise their potential through transformational development interventions and 1:1 coaching.

As an MSc graduate and accredited coach, Liz is known for her authenticity, encouraging nature, clarity of purpose and genuine interest in helping others to reach their potential.  She believes passionately in the power of the 1:1 coaching relationship in developing and nurturing talent.

Karen Saunders of KS Coaching and Consulting is a Trusted Partner of RiverRhee. 

Karen is skilled in coaching and developing senior leaders, new managers and high potentials.  She also creates and facilitates bespoke workshops supporting the development of high performing teams, by building awareness at individual and group level.

With 20 years in HR up to Director-level (mostly Pharmaceutical industry), and as an Executive Coach, Karen has considerable experience of partnering with businesses in complex, ambiguous and sensitive situations.  She is an excellent strategic sounding board and HR consultant. 

Karen is a true collaborator and relationship builder with emotional intelligence and a pragmatic and positive outlook.  She is unafraid to tackle the difficult questions in the spirit of building personal, team and business growth.

Robin Spain is a Trusted Partner of RiverRhee Consulting. They are a self-employed artist and they have been involved in art and creativity since they were a young child.

Having completed an A-level in Art, and GCSEs in Art and Photography, Robin compares the way art is taught academically with the self-directed “play” learning of art we all do as children. Although there are benefits to both ways, Robin is very aware of how the academic art pathway can put people off being creative in their lives by creating a feeling of not being ”good enough”.

Art can often be viewed as an innate skill some are born with and others not, affecting our self-confidence and view of ourselves. Robin would like to share a return to learning by playing and creating art for pure enjoyment and self expression, which they believe can have a positive impact on our lives and relationships.

Robin provides artistic ideas and technical guidance for “Art for Well-being”, a community group sponsored by RiverRhee. They also provide one-to-one tuition for people who want to explore all forms of artistic expression. Robin is a volunteer at Red Balloon Cambridge where they support students with their creative expression in art, music and drama.