Collaborative working – UkeIG 2012 post-AGM briefing (#ukeigagm)

Tweets from a presentation by Angela Ashenden, Principal Analyst, MWD Advisors entitled: Building a collaborative culture: people, processes and technology

(to be read from the bottom up!)

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Collab tool strategy (2): identify & address resistance; incentivise collaboration; lead by example

Collab tool strategy (1): clear business goals; sponsorship throughout org; focus on practical examples

Main pitfalls collab tools (2) Doing too much too soon; trying to replace e-mail; creating new info silos

Main pitfalls (1): collab technology is not the main focus; viral [change management] is not enough; not a cheap option

Team workspaces vs online communities – currently different but coming together e.g. IBM Quicker / Connections

Sees social tools as layered above other tools e.g. ability to annotate content or associate profiles w/ people

Problem is large number of collaboration tools & what they do e.g. communication vs content creation / editing

Collaborative tools are not extra to what we do: they capture knowledge, process, people involved as are used

Technology makes collaborative working possible (!) – social tools, conferencing tools, SaaS and the “cloud”

cf #swchat who have weekly tweet ups e.g. on teaching better collaboration – best is to demo relevant examples

Problem w/ turn-over of CIOs who are often the sponsors of collaborative working – but can leave before…[embedding]

takes time and sustained approach to change behaviours to collaborative working

strategic issues: lack of top level support, mid mgmt blockers, inadequate education / support, unmanaged…

barriers – still knowledge is power, habits – email vs collab tools, WIIFM, not a priority, collab tool fatigue

flatter hierarchy, culture of sharing / trust & desire to create engaged workforce also impact collaboration

innovation, supporting distributed teams & need to work closely w/ customers also increasw import of collaboration

pressure of doing more w/ less, greater turn-over, retirement are making knowledge sharing harder and more important

collaboration = practice of people working together to get the job done

@aashenden just beginning her talk @ukeigagm on the ‘softer’ aspects of collaborative working

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