Look for what your customers want…

Earlier this week I attended the DBM 2-day seminar ‘Start Your Own Business’, led by Andrew Halfacre, Lighthouse Coaching and Training (see http://www.lighthouse365.com/syob/index.html).  It was a truly enjoyable and enlightening experience, with just the right balance of provocation to make you challenge your assumptions, and support to help you make progress once you’d recovered your (new) sense of direction.

One invaluable insight, which like many insights is something you already know but need someone else to point out to you to really get it.. is that what you do is not about ‘me and what I can offer’, but about what your customers actually want!!

Readers of my www.linkedin/in/elisabethgoodman profile should already see how he’s helped me to better articulate what I can offer my customers, and I am looking forward to applying lots more of my new learnings from the seminar.

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