How We Work

(Our mission statement)

  • We provide a flexible, tailored, holistic approach with follow-through to ensure that our customers' requirements are met.
  • We build your in-house capability so that you can continue to improve the way that you work after our engagement is complete.
  • We do not have a bias for any particular methodology, but are focused on extracting the best elements from each to meet your organisation's way of working and your needs.
  • We have practical experience of all the techniques that we teach.
  • We are totally committed to providing a value-for-money package.

Data Protection Policy

RiverRhee collects personal information from the following three groups of people:

  1. Course delegates and HR contacts
  2. MailChimp lists for our newsletters
  3. RiverRhee Associates

Our data protection policy documents what information we collect, for what purpose, how it is retained, and our review and retention practices. (Click on this text to access our data protection policy.)

Upcoming Courses

  • The Coaches' Forum (Friday meeting)

  • The Coaches' Forum (Thursday meeting)


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