Simplifying, Streamlining

Everything that we do is potentially very complex: involving the interaction between people, processes and the environment that we work in.  This complexity requires constant study, learning and improvement.

In fact we could regard every problem that we find as a “treasure” that will help us to reduce the future need for fire fighting and associated stress.  Every problem that we find and solve will enable us to improve the quality of what we deliver to our customers, and reduce the demands on cost and time.  Each of these treasures has the potential to improve our productivity, and to help us feel happier in our work!

Our group-coaching style courses and workshops use process improvement approaches such as Lean and Six Sigma, that will enable you and your team to find those treasures, understand what your resource and time are being spent on, and find ways to deliver greater value to your customers as well as simplifying and streamlining what you do.

See an example of a one-day course on Lean and Six Sigma and our Green Belt programme.

Client Feedback

“Thank you for the opportunity to attend such a practical and informative course. I feel better equipped now to integrate the learning into problem solving in my role.”

“I believe these will be lifelong skills. We have already used many of the materials in work to great effect. I would certainly recommend the course to most colleagues and friends.”

“very good introduction from an excellent trainer”, “lots of information but not overload.  Good that we were able to use specific examples relevant to what we do.”