RiverRhee Publishing produces books across a range of disciplines.  Our books include business reference works on enhancing team effectiveness and associated management skills; local history based around South Cambridgeshire; and a work on how to run a French conversation group.  The primary author for all these books is either Elisabeth Goodman, or Jonathan Spain.  RiverRhee Publishing's books are illustrated by Nathaniel Spain.

Fruit Farming in the Cam Valley

An horticultural, social and economic history set withinthe regional and national context

Jonathan Spain (author), Nathaniel Spain (illustrator), June 2021

A4 489 pp. including illustrations, sketch maps, bibliography and index


This study sets out to celebrate and record the history of commercial fruit growing in the Cam valley whilst it is still within living memory, drawing on the experiences of fruit growers and workers. Whilst there was a long tradition of small scale fruit-growing in the district, from the 1880s there emerged a significant commercial fruit industry, supplying the increased demand for fruit in rapidly expanding towns and cities, made possible by the creation of the national railway network. The rise of the jam industry was also a significant factor, with the extraordinary success of the Chivers Factory at Histon, which stimulated an increase in stone and soft fruit cultivation.

The book is divided into three parts. Part one focuses on the origins and commercial development of the fruits grown locally, with chapters (in order of significance) on the Cambridge Gage, other plums, apples, pears, cherries and soft fruits. Part two has a chapter surveying the spacial development of orchards in and around local villages and the individuals and families who brought the industry into being. A separate chapter considers the cultural impact of the industry on working life and the importance of fruit and fruit workers in the social life of villages. Part Three considers the economic history of fruit farming, looking at the factors which gave rise to the industry and its ultimate demise in the 1980s, taking into account the wider regional and national context for a fuller explanation.

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ISBN 978-0-9926323-1-1

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Local History

c3bd2e8aaf0c77fd7bd947777823bce7.jpgThe Pilgrimage to Our Lady of White hill: Antiquaries, local historians and the formation of a historical tradition, Jonathan Spain (author) September 2013

This book provides a detailed account of the historical evidence for the Chapel hill pilgrimage site near Haslingfield in South Cambs. More than this it examines the role played by Cambridgeshire’s antiquaries and local historians in the preservation of the tradition over 350 years, and the historical and religious motivations that underpinned their interest.

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ISBN 978-0-9926323-0-4

Price £6.00 plus packaging and posting

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The Effective Team's High Performance Workbook

Elisabeth Goodman (author), Nathaniel Spain (illustrator), August 2014


Being part of a team that has achieved a level of high performance can be a truly enriching experience. This second book for ‘effective teams’ will enable you to identify and value the individual strengths within your team, build strong working relationships and develop sound working practices.

ISBN 978-0-9926323-6-6

This book is now out of print.

The Effective Team's Operational Excellence Workbook

Elisabeth Goodman (author), Nathaniel Spain (illustrator), June 2015


Operational excellence helps us to create a more fulfilling work environment where everyone actively contributes to quality customer services or products and to the efficient flow of the organisation's end-to-end processes. This book will help you to ensure that you are focusing on the right priorities to deliver value to your customers, and that your processes are simplified and streamlined.

ISBN 978-0-9926323-7-3

Price £10.00 plus packaging and posting.

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The Effective Team's Facilitation Workbook

Elisabeth Goodman (author), Nathaniel Spain (illustrator), November 2018

The Effective Team's Facilitation Workbook.pngFacilitation is about providing the setting, the atmosphere, the mood and the tools that will enable two or more people to productively think through whatever they have set out to do.  In her fifth and last book for “effective teams” the author draws on her experience to explore: how to properly understand and respond to the client's brief; ensure that the venue has everything that you need; be prepared for whatever emotions and dynamics might occur on the day; be knowledgeable and skillfull with the tools that you need; and manage your own energy, thinking and emotions as a facilitator.

ISBN 978-0-9926323-9-7

Price £10.00 plus packaging and posting

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The Effective Team's Change Management Workbook

Elisabeth Goodman (author), Nathaniel Spain (illustrator), November 2013

ab4db38e17e5db52b774be716b34d6bd.pngA well-managed change initiative is something special to behold!  This workbook has been designed to reflect the author’s experience with business support groups such as Library and Information services, and with organisations in the Life Sciences and SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises).  It reflects her approach to leading teams and to teaching and coaching individuals about Change Management.  It encompasses the ‘people’ aspect of change and the processes to use when planning and implementing various types of change.

ISBN 978-0-9926323-5-9

Price £10.00 plus packaging and posting.

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9780992632342.jpgConversation s'il vous plaît!  How to run a French conversation group.  Elisabeth Goodman (author), Nathaniel Spain (illustrator) October 2017

A guide to running a French conversation group, based on the author's experience of running the Royston U3A conversation group.  It includes tips on how to start up a group, topics and approaches for sessions, a selection of games, some insights on how participants can and have benefited, useful reference sources and some extracts from the author's and the participants' course materials.

ISBN 978-0-9926323-4-2

Price £7.50 plus packaging and posting

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The Effective Team's Knowledge Management Workbook

Elisabeth Goodman (author), Nathaniel Spain (illustrator), November 2016

1f7c82b55d7b471f235af981a931c85d.jpgWe are all knowledge workers.  We rely on our knowledge and expertise, and on what we can learn from others, to make the best decisions that we can, to innovate and to continuously improve. This fourth book for 'effective teams' takes you through a systematic approach for making knowledge management a way of working within your team and  organisation. 

ISBN 978-0-9926323-8-0

This book is now out of print.

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