Dealing with or leading change; implementation planning

If you are leading change, and whether your organisation is large or small, you are likely to benefit from the following common factors for successful change.  

They are adapted from discussions at a series of seminars supported by RiverRhee Owner, Elisabeth Goodman, in her capacity as founding member of the Enabling Change SIG of the APM (Association for Project Management).  These common factors for successful change are also documented in the SIG's Introduction to Managing Change, in press.

  1. Clearly articulate why the change is being introduced: formulate a clear vision and strategy, supported by well-defined benefits.  Ensure two-way communication so that you can respond to as well as inform stakeholders about the change.
  2. Ensure strong leadership and sponsorship: sponsors can belp by being visible and accessible and by role modelling the change.
  3. Define and follow a well-structured and integrated approach: follow the organisations approach to managing projects and change, or adopt a sound approach if one is not already available.
  4. Understand, engage with, build commitment from and support key stakeholders: explore the different perspectives and requirements of your stakeholders and shape your communication, training and support approaches accordingly.
  5. Build a strong change team with the necessary capabilities for success, and make sure that they are all adopting the same common messages.
  6. Measure and monitor the success of the change initiative to monitor whether the desired benefits are being achieved and to ensure that new ways of working are being embedded.  Consider using pilots to test out your approaches.

If you are dealing with (or experiencing change), then you may recognise the importance of many of the above considerations to help you through your own personal journey.

We have a track record of helping teams through organisational and other types of change, and of delivering successful business change projects.

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