Management Training and Team Development

RiverRhee has successfully delivered management training and team development workshops to companies in Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire and wider afield in the UK and internationally, building the confidence, capability and productivity of the recipients and their organisations.

"We want to demonstrate that we value our staff by giving them opportunities to learn and develop."

Managers on average rate our courses as '4' or '5' on an incremental scale of 1 - 5.  The extent to which our training meets delegates' expectations and the overall ambience of our courses have received straight '5' ratings.

Examples of aspects of our courses that managers value include:

  1. Building clarity and confidence in how to address all aspects of their work
  2. Learning how to build a team and how to understand different personality types
  3. Exploring how to deal with difficult situations
  4. Acquiring tools for managing their time and delegating work

HR contacts choose to work with us because we flexibly draw on a wide range of learning and development resources to meet their requirements.

"Our organisation is growing and we want our managers to be more effective in leading their teams to deliver on their objectives."

Whatever your goal we can tailor our training, coaching and workshops to reach it.

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