Training for New and Experienced Managers

RiverRhee helps new managers to transition into their role, and also more experienced managers wanting to further develop their management skills.

"I have recently moved from a technical to a managerial role.  I would like some formal training for how to do this well."

  • We equip you with a wide range of approaches and tools to give you confidence and skill in your role as a manager
  • We have a choice of learning and development resources and listen to your requirements so as to provide solutions that address your specific challenges
  • When invited to do so, we interact with all levels of your management team so that each individual understands and is committed to how their role relates to the organisation’s goals
  • Our off-site courses and workshops give you access to the knowledge and experience of your peers in other organisations
  • We are continuously reviewing our offerings to include up-to-date materials and provide you with further development opportunities 

"I am juggling multiple responsibilities and dealing with challenging situations.  I would like some guidance on how to best cope with this."


Whatever your goal we can tailor a course, coaching or workshop to reach it.

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