Management skills - Performance Reviews and Appraisals

Need: A growing Biotech had been instructed by their board to obtain external support to review their existing Performance Review and Appraisal process, and to coach their 4 line managers and train the rest of the team in adopting a structured, consistent and positive approach to performance appraisals in the organisation.   Some of the line managers and the overall team were relatively new to conducting performance appraisals. It was perceived as important that the process be used correctly and effectively to manage expectations about objectives, performance and salary reviews and to build the success of the organisation as a whole.


Approach: RiverRhee worked with the Biotech through a three-step process involving a review of the existing process and associated documents and how they could be improved; a coaching session with the line managers to articulate why the review was taking place, to coach them on their role in the process and to agree the approach for the briefing session with staff; the final briefing with staff to take them through the process with a Q&A session to encourage their engagement and buy-in to the process.


Outcome: The revised process and documents were rolled out to all staff as planned, and the first round of appraisals carried out under the system in an effective and efficient way.  In addition the process enabled gaps in training and development to be identified and planned for.


Client feedback

“RiverRhee’s support fully met our expectations and the additional advice given was most welcome and helpful.  The areas relating to setting SMART objectives were particularly valuable.  I liked the way you drew staff back into the relevant part of the presentation when the discussion was going off line.  It really helped steer the presentation along. The revised approach has helped to settle the company down and there seems to be a different atmosphere with everyone extremely fired up.” Executive Assistant


Fortune 500 - client feedback

What participants found of greatest value: MBTI insights, facilitation, exercises and interaction with each other (including French translation for one of the participants)“Elisabeth was very easy to work with, steering us in the right direction”“A lot of positive feedback about the ambiance you create, your professionalism and a real appreciation of the issues currently affecting librarians.”

Fortune 500 Company

Need: The recently promoted head of a Fortune 500 Library and Information Services team wanted to use their annual face-to-face meeting for some more in-depth team building, as well as to engage the team members more actively in defining the deliverables of the team.


Solution: RiverRhee Consulting was engaged to facilitate two goals during the one and a half day meeting:

  1. Team-building – to explore through a MBTI session opportunities to develop interactions between team members, and similarly with the team’s customers.
  2. Delivering customer value – to explore the insights gained from a recent customer survey, and team members’ own perception of what products / services the service should be delivering, and to what time, cost and quality.


Outcomes: By the end of the meeting the participants had identified their individual MBTI profiles and begun to explore how they could use their various strengths within the team and in their interactions with customers.  They had also explored the results of the customer survey and their own insights on how they could deliver greater value to their customers and agreed a prioritised set of goals and actions to take their department forward.

Team Building Workshop

Need: An EU organisation had grown rapidly in the last year or so, and the Executive team wished to run a team-building event to help the team to get to know each other better, improve team spirit and increase engagement, and increase efficiency and performance.


Solution: RiverRhee Consulting was engaged to facilitate a one and a half day team-building workshop for the 30+ members of the team.

The workshop began with two interactive NLP-based exercises.  The first explored individual communication styles to enable more flexible communication between team members and with stakeholders.  The second helped to ‘sow the seeds of value” by exploring our values or the “hot buttons” which drive our emotions and motivations.

The remainder of the workshop built on the results of a pre-workshop team “temperature check” questionnaire, and consisted of break-out exercises in which team members explored how they could deliver greater value to their stakeholders, and generally work better as a team.  Tuckman’s model of the different stages of team development provided a valuable backdrop to these discussions.


Outcome: By the end of the workshop, the participants had gained valuable personal insights, built a much stronger team spirit, and collectively identified a significant list of quick wins, and longer term actions to increase the efficiency and performance of their team and to deliver greater value to their stakeholders.


Team Building Workshop - Client feeback


"Many thanks for having facilitated and animated an event that our staff overall has found both pleasant and successful. Our energy is now focused on giving this event a short term as well as a lasting effect." Head of department


"Thank you for a very beneficial workshop.  I really enjoyed it and learnt a lot." Workshop participant



Client Feedback


“The workshops met my objectives. I particularly valued the flexibility of the course design and the topics covered. They were a good way to hear the team’s voice. I’m clear on my next steps: the workshops helped me to clarify requirements. I would strongly recommend RiverRhee Consulting’s workshops to others.”

Jessica Crilly, Learning Resources Manager (Resources & Systems) University of the Arts London

Centralising bibliographic services at University of the Arts

Need: University of the Arts London, was in the process of centralising its bibliographic services for books and journals from its previous decentralised approach across 6 Art and Design Colleges.

This approach would enable the University to use its resources more effectively and also derive economical benefits e.g. from suppliers.

The staff involved needed support to help them adjust to the changes in as positive a way as possible, shape and clarify their new responsibilities, and learn and practice thought processes, tools and methodologies that could be used, on a longer term basis, for defining, documenting and improving the way they work.


Solution: RiverRhee Consulting was engaged to provide 2 workshops.

The first, 1-day workshop, made use of Lean and Six Sigma, and Change Management techniques, to give the participants an opportunity to share best practices to adopt and pitfalls to avoid. They also explored associated requirements for effective implementation such as service level agreements and training.

The second, ½ day-workshop (with an overlapping but different membership), combined building awareness of learning styles with discussions around values and how to achieve an effective team.


Outcome: By the end of the first day, the participants had developed a positive approach towards the upcoming changes, were working well together, had begun mapping out the new processes, and were clear on the next steps for developing these further.

The second ½ day created a positive, supportive atmosphere amongst the members of the team that would be forming later in the year.

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