1- and 1/2 day workshops on Lean and Six Sigma for Abcam

We have been running a number of workshops for Abcam since 2011.  The following description relates to one of our first workshops.  A full case study of our work with Abcam was included in the June 2013 issue of the One Nucleus TrainingNews.

Need: Abcam is a producer and distributor of high quality research-grade antibodies and associated protein research tools. The PDM QA manager recognized an opportunity for Abcam to streamline its processes, refine the way it works, becoming leaner and generally getting people to go about their work in a "smarter" way.

The QA manager and an existing internal Lean Six Sigma expert worked with internal stakeholders to develop a network of champions with whom to introduce this way of working throughout the organisation.


Solution: RiverRhee Consulting was engaged to provide a 1-day introductory overview of Lean and Six Sigma to the internal group of 8-10 champions.

The format of the day followed the DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyse, Improve, Control) framework. It was very interactive, with a mix of presentation, discussion, and practical exercises to practice the use of the various Lean and Six Sigma tools & approaches described.

The practical exercises centered around a typical everyday activity, as well as reflections on the participants’ actual day-to-day work.


Outcome: By the end of the day, the participants had identified individual action plans for taking their learning forward, and clear next steps for shaping the champions’ network.

Client Feedback


“I found [RiverRhee Consulting] very supportive and flexible, especially during the time where the management team was defining what their vision was for rolling out lean six sigma and we had to make changes to our objectives. The training provided was of very high quality and will enable a good start into rolling out lean six sigma into the organisation by empowering key members of staff who will champion this culture and rollout improvement projects.”

Sarah Mardle, Senior Manager PDM Operations, Abcam plc



“I understood the limitations of a shortened training but we covered a lot of concepts and the exposure to a different way of thinking was exactly what I was looking for.  We liked the group exercises best. Being able to apply some of the concepts to our actual process was very helpful.  We’ve already used [what we have learned]! We’ve made spaghetti diagrams of a few processes to help us see the wasted movement and to help us reorganize products and items used for processing to reduce the effort required to complete the work. Going forward, we’d like to expand on some of the ideas and concepts learned by instituting Six Sigma Champions in the department. We’re hopeful that it will ingrain what we learned from RiverRhee Consulting and will continue to improve our process.”Josh Whitlow, US Logistics Manager, Abcam Inc.



Reducing cycles times in Pharmaceutical R&D - Client Feedback


“Elisabeth facilitated the adoption of lean sigma within the N&GI CEDD as part of R&D enhance - she did an excellent job as applying this technology to a primarily research environment required some adaptation and skill..” Head Neurology and GI CEDD

Reducing cycle times in Pharmaceutical R&D

Need: A Pharmaceutical Discovery research group wanted to find ways to significantly reduce the cycle time involved in identifying potential candidates for development


Solution: Applied Lean and Six Sigma and project management expertise to plan and run 11 project teams workshops, reviewing processes and timelines for identifying potential development candidates.

Senior and middle management, and participants in the workshop were all taken through introductory training on Lean and Six Sigma


Outcome: Recommendations from the workshops were reviewed with middle and senior management, and taken forward with an anticipated 20% resultant decrease in cycle time.

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