An 18-month organisational change programme involving Lean and Six Sigma, Project Management and Change Management

Need: Porsolt introduced and experienced a period of significant change during 2010-2011 involving: building and transitioning to a new laboratory facility, responding to new GLP requirements, accreditation of the Animal Laboratories, developing a new HR performance culture.


Solution: RiverRhee Consulting was engaged to help Porsolt develop a strong quality-based way of working, to support it through this time of change. This support was on a retainer basis, averaging 2-3 days per month over an 18-month period.

The support provided was in several parts and included:

  • Project management guidance, coaching and support for the Laboratory Transfer
  • Assisting with the design of a ‘Voice of the Customer’ survey, and facilitating a workshop to analyse results, identify solutions and develop an implementation plan
  • Developing and facilitating Lean and Six Sigma ‘operational-excellence’ workshops with representatives from all areas of the business to analyse the end-to-end processes involved in running studies, and identify opportunities for improvement
  • Coaching sub-teams in the implementation of improvements.
  • Working with an external consultant to explore how on-going ‘operational excellence’ could be incorporated in the HR performance process
  • Taking a sub-set of staff through advanced training to attain Green Belt accreditation in Lean and Six Sigma.
  • Guiding the team in how to embed ‘operational excellence’ as a way of working.

All training delivery and materials, guidance and support were in French.



  • The Laboratory Transfer was completed on schedule.
  • The Voice of the Customer survey had a 60% response rate and significantly enhanced the quality of Porsolt’s interactions with its clients.
  • More than 20 improvement opportunities were identified and implemented, involving staff across all scientific and business areas of Porsolt’s operation.
  • New competencies for on-going ‘operational excellence’ were incorporated in the HR performance process
  • 3 staff completed and a 4th is close to attaining Green Belt accreditation
  • Responsibilities and a framework for on-going ‘operational excellence’ have been incorporated in the organisation’s management programme.



Client Feedback

"I have worked with Elisabeth over the last 6 years; I have found her expertise, enthusiasm and drive essential in building effective and productive organisations. She has been a business partner in a multinational corporation and to support me as a CEO of SMEs. Her analysis of business processes - in both a Drug Discovery and Service Business context - has identified and delivered significant business savings; I believe her interventions have had a direct positive effect on the business P&L."

Mark Duxon, CEO, Transpharmation (previously CEO, Porsolt)

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