Global programme to address internal audit findings

Need: A Pharmaceutical R&D needed to address internal audit findings in a high risk area affecting 1500+ people.


Solution: Led a cross-organisation, 8 work-stream programme to develop and implement solutions. Coached the new operational director. Shaped the overall change management strategy (communication, training and intranet based support materials).


Outcome: A robust framework and operational team are now in place to manage this work on an on-going basis including: a governance structure, a corporate policy and SOP, IT systems, auditing and monitoring processes (best practice), training and intranet based support materials.


Global programme to address internal audit findings - client feedback


"Elisabeth managed the response … to a very detailed audit ... She did an excellent job of bringing the response together and shaping … future policy and operating procedures. This required influencing high-level staff from many different divisions within the company. Elisabeth carried out her role in a very professional way and was very easy to work with. She directed the project in an extremely organized fashion ….”

Director, Business Operations Global Drug Discovery

1-day interactive workshop on change management - client feedback

"The workshop leader was excellent"
Audrey Morton, Librarian, Burrowmoor Primary School


"Elisabeth is very knowledgeable and has a pleasant, approachable style."
Claire Lucas, Information Scientist, Cambridge Display Technology.


"There was a good mix of presentation and activity."
"She was very thoughtful and supportive, and it wasn't a question of just looking at the slides - she had plenty of interest to say"


See also the write-ups of this course on pages 10-12. of CILIP's East of England Jan 2012 Sunrise

1-day interactive workshop on change management

Need: Information professionals are experiencing one of their most challenging times in terms of implementing organisational change and experiencing it at a personal level.


Solution: Developed a 1-day interactive workshop for the CILIP East of England branch addressing critical success factors for effective personal and organisational change.


Outcome: Delegates learnt about behavioural, strategic and tactical approaches to address personal and organisational change, and developed individual plans to take things forward.

MHRA – Promoting Information Services

Background: TFPL had been developing an understanding of MHRA as an organization and discovered that the Information Services personnel had been substantially cut back at the same time as the department had invested a lot of money in its electronic resources.  As a result, the team needed to change its approach to providing information services, and wanted to educate its users to do more of their own searches and, in particular, to make good use of the electronic resources.


Solution: TFPL suggested that MHRA review the training course, Promoting Information Literacy for end users run by Elisabeth Goodman of RiverRhee Consulting.  After reviewing the course and talking through how the session could be customized to meet their needs with Elisabeth directly, MHRA commissioned an in house tailored course that would take the principles from the Promoting Information Literacy course and emphasize how the information service could be promoted to their internal clients.

The course, delivered by Elisabeth of RiverRhee Consulting, consisted of presentations and interactive exercises focusing on key behaviours for information literacy, the organisational context for what the team wanted to achieve, understanding its stakeholders, and the key messages, promotional approaches, timescales and measures for successful implementation.

A pre-course questionnaire was completed by the delegates, which helped to provide the context and some initial content for the workshop.


Outcomes: By the end of the day, the participants had a clear understanding of information literacy and well-defined next steps for developing and implementing the Information Services team’s promotional strategy. 



MHRA - Promoting Information Services - client feedback

 “It (the course) gave me a clearer understanding of IL skills and stakeholder segmentation and marketing and promotion”


“Learnt about information literacy and examples from other organisations. Some useful about how to promote this to our users”


“The course was tailored to meet our needs, so I was pleased that it delivered as hoped for!”


“Elisabeth was an excellent trainer, a good and supportive listener and communicator”

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