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Over the years RiverRhee consulting has provided, training, guidance and facilitation on a range of management and team development topics.

Team Building & Team Effectiveness

RiverRhee worked with a growing Biotech through a three-step process involving a review of their existing Performance Review and Appraisal process, a coaching session with line managers and a final briefing with staff.

We facilitated a 1 1/2 day team event for a Fortune 500 Company addressing team building using MBTI (the Myers Briggs Type Indicator) and exploring how they could deliver greater customer value.

We facilitated a 1 1/2 day team building workshop for an EU organisation combining NLP-based exercises on communication styles and break-out exercises around the results of a "temperature check" questionnaire  to explore how the team could deliver greater value to their stakeholders, and generally work better as a team.

We provided 2 workshops to University of the Arts in London to support the participants through the changes, team start-up and redesign of processes involved in centralising its bibliographic services for books and journals.

Case Studies

Focusing on customers

Included a 'voice of the customer' assignment with a global Pharmaceutical R&D scientific support team to help it ensure that is was using its resources effectively to meet its customers' priorities. We project managed an exercise which included coaching the team, the design, carrying out and analysis of interviews and the design of team workshops to develop forward plans which formed the basis of the team's 2-3 year strategy.

We also worked with a global retail organisation in the early stages of rolling-out a 'coach the coach' programme for its managers to enhance the quality of customer and sales staff interactions. We applied our expertise in coaching resulting in a real shift in mind-set amongst the trainee managers and a real sense of commitment to putting the coaching programme into practice.

Case Studies

Simplifying and streamlining the work of teams

We have delivered 1- and 1/2-day workshops and a 'Green Belt' training programme on Lean and Six Sigma to Abcam in Cambridge, UK and Cambridge, Massachusetts, which have enabled participants to develop and implement action plans for taking their learning forward.

We have also delivered a 1-day overview on Lean and Six Sigma for a technology consultancy resulting in clear next steps for increasing their effectiveness and efficiency and are now coaching and mentoring them through the implementation of their DMAIC programme.

We project managed a series of 11 project team workshops with a Pharmaceutical Discovery research group to help it find ways to significantly reduce the cycle time involved in identifying potential candidates for development. 

Case Studies

Optimising knowledge

We managed a global Pharmaceutical R&D project to define and implement working practices for the use of collaborative working tools.

We used knowledge transfer techniques to surface and improve process understanding in the manufacturing processes of a global Pharmaceutical R&D organisation.

We managed and delivered a three-month Information Management metadata consultation project for the Open University.

We led structured discussions with business representatives of an international event management company to define user requirements for improved use of Sharepoint

Case Studies

Managing and dealing with change

We managed a global Pharmaceutical R&D programme for developing and implementing solutions to address major internal audit findings.

We developed and delivered a 1-day interactive workshop for CILIP East of England members on the critical success factors for personal and organisational change. We have, and continue to deliver variations of this change management course through a number of other Library and Information Management professional organisations.

We also delivered a tailored version of our 1-day TFPL course on "Promoting Information Literacy to end users" for the Information Services team at MHRA.

Case Studies

Operational Excellence

We facilitated an 18-month organisational change programme for Porsolt, a pre-clinical CRO based in France, to help them develop and implement a comprehensive organisational quality-based way of working.

This included training and mentoring representatives from across the organisation in the use of Lean and Six Sigma, project management and change management techniques.

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