5 Feb 2019, 09:27
Various authors have researched and written about the nature of inspirational leadership - what it is and how to develop this competency in oneself and in others. These are qualities and competencies that we also aim to develop in RiverRhee's Transition to Leadership course. So here is a summary of what we have discovered
3 Sep 2018, 09:13
Liz Mercer, RiverRhee Associate and lead trainer for RiverRhee's "Coaching Skills for Managers", highlights the nine key skills for coaching from an August 2018 Harvard Business Review article
17 Feb 2018, 10:26
We have had over one hundred managers complete our RiverRhee Introduction to Management course since we started running it in 2013. The course includes thirteen modules and there are some key learnings that our delegates have helped us to identify from each. We use these key learnings in our free taster sessions for managers, HR practitioners and CEOs. Here is a free preview of the headlines!

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