8 Jan 2020, 09:46
Change is constant. Some of us will be enthusiastic about opportunities for change, and yet occasionally find ourselves unexpectedly struggling with a particular circumstance. Others of us find change difficult. How we respond to change in work and home settings may also differ. Understanding our own and others' responses to change and finding ways to navigate, influence and support these responses is a valuable skill for individuals, managers and leaders. There are lots of principles, tools and methodologies available to help us with this.
18 May 2017, 08:49
In 2011, Lucy Loh (past RiverRhee Associate) and Elisabeth Goodman (Owner and Principal Consultant) co-wrote "Organisational change: a critical challenge for team effectiveness" for Business Information Review, 28(4) 242-250. We subsequently featured extracts from the article in a series of blogs. That describing Robert Dilts Logical Levels of Change has been one of the most popular. It is a tool that can be used both as a diagnostic, and as a planning tool in a time of change.

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