Liz Mercer, RiverRhee Associate and lead trainer for RiverRhee's Coaching Skills for Managers course was heartily encouraged when she read HBR’s August 2018 article by Julia and Trenton Milner Most Managers don't know how to Coach People.  But they can Learn. The article explored the extent to which managers believe they coach their team members and the core skills involved in being a great coach. 

Liz has been a long-time believer that coaching someone well involves the delicate application of the right mindset, honed skills and emotional intelligence, sufficient to,

“unlock a person’s potential to maximize their own performance….to help them to learn rather than teaching them.”

Sir John Whitmore.

This research highlighted that many managers believe they are coaching when they are in fact telling their team members what to do.   Moreover, these managers often don’t understand what coaching is, or what effective coaching entails. 

There will always be a place for direction, advice, guidance and instruction, but coaching is something different.

The good news is that the authors' research proved that these coaching skills can be developed.  Organisations can enable managers to be better coaches so that they can leverage the human capital they have spent so much time and resources recruiting!

The article goes on to say that organisations can best do this by developing 9 core skill areas:

  • listening
  • questioning
  • giving feedback
  • assisting with goal setting
  • showing empathy
  • letting the coachee arrive at their own solution
  • recognizing and pointing out strengths
  • providing structure
  • encouraging a solution-focused approach

This development can be done through a combination of classroom, mentoring and coaching type interventions, all aimed at creating the ‘manager as coach’. 

The top three skills are at the foundation of RiverRhee’s Coaching Skills for Managers course……along with building an appreciation of the role of the manager as coach and understanding how and when to maximise coaching opportunities.

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