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28 May 2018
By Elisabeth Goodman, 28th May 2018 Our new partnership with The Innovation Practice to facilitate workshops on team strategy, behaviours and working practices RiverRhee has been facilitating team building and development workshops on and off for several …
3 Apr 2018
By Elisabeth Goodman, 3rd April 2018 From long-term planning and rule-based approaches to “servant leadership” Peter Cappelli and Anna Tavis tell us, in their article “HR goes agile”, in the March-April 2018 issue of Harvard Busine…
8 Feb 2018
By Elisabeth Goodman, 8th February 2018 Many of our clients are in the midst of planning their objectives, and their learning and development goals for 2018. So this newsletter is a reflection on some of the ways that RiverRhee’s learning … Co…
12 Dec 2017
By Elisabeth Goodman, 12th December 2017 We have had over one hundred managers complete our RiverRhee Introduction to Management course since we started running it in 2013. We have thirteen modules in our course and there are some key learnings … Co…
11 Oct 2017
By Elisabeth Goodman, 11th October 2017 Why choose the topic of complex change for this newsletter? In August, the APM Enabling Change SIG proudly released its first publication “Introduction to Managing Change”.  It was the culmination of the…
18 Aug 2017
By Elisabeth Goodman, 18th August 2017 Why write about vulnerability and mastery? We pick a different theme for each of our bi-monthly newsletters, to reflect on a topic that relates to our work with managers and teams, as well as … Continue reading…
7 Jun 2017
By Elisabeth Goodman, 7th June 2017 Continuous learning opportunities not only at the individual but also at the organisational level are key factors for success This is one of the conclusions from a recent CIPD report authored by Jane Daly and … Co…
11 Apr 2017
By Elisabeth Goodman, 11th April 2017 An effective leader is inspirational We’ve been doing some background reading preparatory to launching RiverRhee’s new course on leadership, as the next step on from our Introduction to Management.  Claudi…
25 Jan 2017
By Elisabeth Goodman, 25th January 2017 We are in the midst of change Our readers will not need us to spell out the nature of the changes that they are currently facing!  Change brings uncertainty. Some of us will be … Continue reading →
2 Dec 2016
By Elisabeth Goodman, 2nd December 2016 Celebrating the community of managers and teams that we have been working with in 2016 We’ve had a very fulfilling and enjoyable year working with managers and teams in 2016.  The organisations that we’v…

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