Building communities of interest and practice; collaborative team working; learning before, during and after.

“Knowledge Management is a business philosophy.  It is a set of principles, processes, organisational structures, and technology applications that help people share and leverage their knowledge to meet their business objectives” (after Gurteen)

By improving the way that you access, manage and use your internal information and knowledge your business can become a true 'learning organisation' and build on successes and new insights, rather than repeat mistakes and rely on out-dated knowledge.

We believe that a Knowledge Management strategy will only be successful if its objectives directly support those of the organisation, or are addressing issues that inhibit the organisation’s growth and success.

Typical areas that Knowledge Management can address are:

  • Is the best use being made of the expertise within your company, and amongst those with whom you collaborate?
  • Is it being used to develop new talent?
  • Is your approach to making critical decisions as good as it could be?  Are you marshalling the right information and knowledge, and using the right criteria for making your decisions?
  • Are projects failing or experiencing difficulties due to insufficient groundwork or lack of a coherent improvement process?
  • Do the same issues or problems reoccur?
  • Is there potential for loss of critical knowledge through long-serving staff exiting the company?

All of these areas can be improved through a strategic approach to Knowledge Management and careful application of the appropriate tools and techniques.  RiverRhee Consulting has many years’ experience to draw from to guide you to greater effectiveness, productivity and growth.

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Feedback from delegates at our on-site course with CILIP - Good Practices in Knowledge Sharing and Collaboration:

"The foundational principles of Knowledge Management were clearly explained.”  “Delivery was excellent”

We have a wide selection of training, coaching and workshops that we can tailor to your specific requirements

  • Introduction to Lean and Six Sigma

  • The First Steps in Selling

  • Introduction to Project Management

  • Presentation Skills

  • Managing Change

  • Introduction to Management

  • Introduction to Management


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