One-to-one personal coaching for managers and other individuals

Coaching provides you with valuable time to reflect upon and unlock your potential.  It can support your personal development in a number of ways such as: developing self-awareness, building your strengths and capabilities, addressing challenges associated with interpersonal relationships, stressful situations, productivity and change.

We offer you a choice of coaches to suit your personal requirements and preferences. Contact us for an introductory conversation, after which we can agree your goals, and the format, duration and frequency for one-to-one coaching.

N.B. Organisations are increasingly developing the skills of their managers to be able to deliver coaching for their direct reports.  This enables a shift from 'telling' people what to do, to encouraging learning and initiative.  There will still be a role for managers as mentors and guides, but the skill is in being able to choose the approach that is right for the situation.  Our Coaching Skills for Managers course will help you with these skills.  Please get in touch if you would like us to help you develop a coaching approach for your organisation.

elisabeth.jpgElisabeth Goodman is the owner and Principal Consultant of RiverRhee Consulting.  She is directly involved in RiverRhee's programme of activities for managers and teams in the Life Sciences as a trainer, facilitator and one-to-one coach.  Elisabeth is developing my coaching practice, with a focus on helping individuals to achieve authenticity and autonomy in the workplace by enhancing their management, interpersonal and communication skills, and their ability to deal with uncertainty and change.

Elisabeth uses insights from her MBTI (Steps 1 and 2), Belbin Team Roles, NLP Practitioner accreditation and experiences with neurodiversity to enhance her own and her clients’ self-awareness.  She uses her Change Management accreditation and experience to help her clients understand and address their own and their colleague’s responses to change, and so transition from being “victims” or “survivors” to proactive “navigators” of change.

Elisabeth is also able to provide coaching in French.

(Elisabeth is currently completing the Barefoot Coaching Post Graduate Certificate in Business and Personal Coaching and is a member of the ICF (International Coaching Federation). See her T&Cs here.)

bff6ca1d183cb55f58c42e60073a748f.jpgEx-scientist and senior manager, John Hicks has been working with scientists and scientists in management to support them in their personal development.

John works with topics such as leading a team, building confidence and motivation, dealing with difficult relationships and career development. 

Since 2012, John has worked with scientists and managers at the Wellcome Trust, Takeda, Cambridge University, Waters Ltd and Icon PLC. 

John’s approach is to meet one to one, listen, challenge, and help his clients to build effective strategies for dealing with their own unique challenges.

John trained at the world renowned Coaches Training Institute and has a special interest in supporting clients living with neurodiversity such as dyslexia.


"You met all of my objectives and more. The real high spot from the coaching was the way that we made it applicable to current business situations and real life events. We used lots of discussion and visual learning which helped me to retain the information and openly discuss.  What has permanently changed for me is the way I understand my personality / style and how I interact with others. I found your coaching style suited me well and I really appreciate the way you made it visual for me. Oh and you did a lot of listening!!" Sam Walker, Director, Reed Autos

"Elisabeth was completely invested in helping me achieve and work to my objectives and passed on some valuable skills. The coaching brought me a sudden lightbulb moment which completely changed my outlook to how I may approach some situations. I have learnt to reflect, take ownership and build my confidence as a whole. I will now listen more, talk less, not be so hard on myself and educate others. I feel equipped with tools that I can use to continue developing what I have learnt. Reflecting on my achievements will motivate me." Hannah D.

"Your coaching helped me to find within me some good solutions to the challenges that I brought to the sessions, and reminded me to give myself more opportunities for reflection and analysis.  I now feel more positive and confident with the situations we discussed, and will continue to be confident in my ability as a leader and manager." Sarah, M.

"Sharing and reflecting on leadership practices in relation to my people management style is an exercise I was not used to and that I enjoyed in the end. It was great to dedicate time to these topics as good management practises are essential for the efficiency of a group. I now feel more motivated to change my practices, widen my network and manage upwards and sideways." Group Leader, Cambridge

"Your coaching has made a huge difference to my effectiveness and calmness. I have new priorities, new ways of thinking constructively about how I feel about things, and resources for worrying less. I have also found a way to use my skills outside the work environment, as I move to full retirement.” Sarah H.

"Elisabeth listened carefully to my thoughts, sometimes repeating back to me to ensure her understanding (and mine). She made no suggestions, but like magic she inspired me to find steps forward from the depths of my mind - I felt significantly more relaxed about the things making me anxious at the end of the session - I think initially, simply by being respectfully listened to - but the steps forward that I'm sure will help more are a surprise and very positive." Chris W., Royston

"Elisabeth met all of my objectives and more.  I appreciated our very open discussions.  Elisabeth helped me to clarify my ideas, formulate and structure my thoughts and put some plans in place.  As a result of the coaching, I am now going to take time to pause and reflect on issues or situations.  It is likely that I will use Elisabeth's coaching again at some time in the future." Senior Director, Cambridge.

"Thank you for helping me to reframe my view on personal and business coaching, for being such a great listener and for giving me the opportunity to process ideas around building my coaching business. I have learnt to challenge some of my own assumptions, continue to believe in myself during this more fallow period of coaching and have generally broadened my thinking around my coaching practice. Keep listening, keep being creative, keep reflecting!" Liz, M.

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