One-to-one personal coaching for individual contributors and managers

We have a selection of coaches to suit your personal requirements and preferences.  

We can help you to develop your self-awareness, build your strengths and capabilities, address challenges associated with interpersonal relationships, stressful situations, productivity and change.

Contact us for an introductory consultation, after which we can agree your goals, and the format, duration and frequency of further one-to-one consultations.

Our coaches are:

Elisabeth Goodman



Elisabeth Goodman is the owner and Principal Consultant of RiverRhee Consulting, and is directly involved in its programme of activities for managers and teams in the Life Science community as a trainer, facilitator and 1:1 coach.  Her coaching activities are mainly focused on new and more experienced managers who attend RiverRhee’s management courses, providing 1:1 coaching both during and as a follow-up to the training.  Elisabeth helps these managers to reflect on and apply what they have learnt, and to explore challenges relating to their productivity and their interactions with others.

Elisabeth uses insights from her MBTI (Steps 1 and 2) and NLP Practitioner accreditation to enhance her own and her clients’ self-awareness.  She also uses her Change Management accreditation and experience to help her clients understand and address their own and their colleague’s responses to change, and so transition from being “victims” or “survivors” to proactive “navigators” of change.

N.B. Elisabeth is able to provide coaching in French as well as English.

John Hicks



Ex-scientist and senior manager, John Hicks has been working with scientists and scientists in management to support them in their personal development.  John works with topics such as leading a team, building confidence and motivation, dealing with difficult relationships and career development.  Since 2012, John has worked with scientists and managers at the Wellcome Trust, Takeda, Cambridge University, Waters Ltd and Icon PLC.  John’s approach is to meet one to one, listen, challenge, and help his clients to build effective strategies for dealing with their own unique challenges.

John trained at the world renowned Coaches Training Institute and has a special interest in supporting clients living with neurodiversity such as dyslexia.


Liz Mercer




Liz Mercer is an independent facilitator, 1:1 coach and classroom trainer and supports coaching efforts with companies such as Astra Zeneca and MedImmune.  She coaches in a variety of contexts such as increasing self-awareness, enabling others to meet their personal development goals, skill building for managers and leaders, facilitating the transition from team member/scientist to team leader and helping develop senior and executive level leaders experiencing rapid or significant career progression.  Liz believes passionately that real behaviour change can only be achieved through the powerful dialogue and supportive environment created in the 1:1 coaching relationship.  She is known for her authenticity, encouraging nature, clarity of purpose and ability to share her knowledge and expertise in order to help and develop others. 

Liz has managed and mentored staff herself, she is MBTI (Steps 1 and 2) certified, has a certificate in Coaching from Strathclyde University and is trained in Gestalt Coaching Skills from the Academy of Executive Coaching.


Upcoming Courses

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  • Coaching Skills for Managers

  • Transition to Leadership

  • Introduction to Lean and Six Sigma

  • The First Steps in Selling

  • Introduction to Project Management

  • Presentation Skills

  • Managing Change

  • Introduction to Management


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